ESP in Belgium

Not for Euro space policy buffs only: If you missed the 6th European Space Policy Workshop on June 26th at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Space Studies (ICSS) at KU Leuven in lovely Belgium, presented "with the kind support of the European Space Agency and the European Commission, together with EADS-Space and ESOA," here is a good 9-page summary of the event which brought together experts from across the Euro space sector to discuss the recently adopted European Space Policy (ESP).

Thanks to Batist Paklons for sending this over.

Unrelated parenthetical note: Batist also shared with me a nice juicy "Zombie" recipe which may contain a bit of um, alcohol, thus I will keep it to myself after the recent shall we call it astro-drinking scandal which I don't believe a word of. In any case I already posted a cocktail recipe this summer and one is my limit. Blog responsibly ;)

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