The Killer App

So many new books, so little vacation time.

Laura Woodmansee, author of the summer's new sizzler on
Sex in Space (coming soon to Amazon), says s-e-x is "the killer app of space tourism."

I'm in no position to argue. (Come to think of it, s-e-x is, like, the killer app of just about everything, no?) Well I look forward to it -- the book, I mean -- and hope there are pictures to go along with the descriptive chapters.

Meanwhile, in other book release news,
Anonymous Lawyer is now on the shelves. This is the sintilating expose on biglaw -- life at big law firms -- by blogger/lawyer Jeremy Blachman, and, as Carolyn Elefant points out, the release comes cleverly just in time for the first day of the bar exam, concurrently given in most states across the nation. No turning back now kids. (By the way, Carolyn's good review of the book is up on her blog.) And this is one publication in which I hope to find no pictures, thank you.

Well I happen to have an opening for a new hardcover to add to my beach reading list. Hmmm. Which one should I pick?

(Right-o. )

* * *

UPDATE: Speaking of s-e-x and l-a-w-y-e-r-s (ahem), this just in -- the LJOD (lawyer joke of the day). . .

Q: What do lawyers use for birth control?
A: Their personalities.

(That's right, lawyers jokes are the killer app of jokes.)

* * *
On a more serious note, SLP congratulates Laura and Jeremy on their new books, and wishes everyone good luck on the bar exam!

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