Scenes from the Flamingo

This weekend from an undisclosed location far from Las Vegas (ok, my little beach house on Long Island), I happily reviewed the excellent live bloggin' from the action-packed NewSpace 2006 conference by blogspace envoys Clark Lindsey of planet HobbySpace and Rand Simberg of planet Transterrestrial Musings. Scroll through all their posts on the SFF event, beginning last Thursday (July 20).

I'll just pick out a few items to directly link:

Here are Clark's notes of the
space law panel with Berin Szoka, Jim Dunstan, Rosanna Sattler; and Clark's post on the talk by FAA deputy associate administrator for commercial space transportation George Nield, which Rand also blogged here.

Rand covered Mike Beavin's discussion of the resurrection of the Department of Commerce's
Office of Space Commercialization, which Clark also blogged here.

And here's Rand's report on the panel addressing
spaceflight and personal risk.

By the way, Rand also thoroughly enjoy the space law panel, and this is pretty much his dispatch in its entirety:
"three lawyers discussed space law." Thanks Rand! (And surprisingly, Rand did have some energy left over to cover Sunday's vigorous panel on copulation in space, about which, alas, he did not write, "three people discussed space sex" but that was the gist of it. ;-)

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