Bigelow Inflates Space

(Why didn't NASA think of this technology? Oh -- it did.)

Congratulations to hotel magnate Robert Bigelow and his
new space company on this week's launch and successful inflation of Genesis-I, the first test in the "great adventure" of creating expandable commercial space habitats.

To commemorate, I thought this would be a good day to replay Sam Dinkin's interview of Bigelow Aerospace general counsel, Mike Gold. (The Space Review, Dec. 20, 2004.) And here on SLP we know more than a few space business lawyers who would line up to work with Mike ;)

For more background on Bigelow Aerospace and the great orbital resort adventure, check in at
The Five-Billion-Star Hotel (Michael Belfiore for PopSci). (Quite the obvious evolution of Budget Suites of America, isn't it?)

* * *
(Image: artist's rendering of Genesis I, via Bigelow)

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