Barriers to Space Progress?

Hot off the space presses at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences' Reconsidering the Rules of Space project, here is the paper, United States Space Policy: Challenges and Opportunities.

The paper's authors -- Rice University's George Abbey (former JSC Director) and Neal Lane (former Clinton Science Advisor) -- say the four barriers to U.S. progress in space science and exploration that the U.S. must oversome are:
"the strict regulation of satellite exports as munitions under the State Department rules, a projected shortfall in the science and engineering workforce, unrealistic plans for NASA's future space missions that neglect the important role of science, and faltering international cooperation on existing and planned space missions."

I agree with some of the points raised, in particular with regard to the ever-problematic export controls issue. Meanwhile, Rand Simberg finds the paper unimpressive, and says why in his usual well-reasoned way.

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