Friday Flybys (vol. 13)

(Flybys the 13th? Here we go.)

As expected, this afternoon Governor Jeb Bush announced his
Commission on the Future of Space and Aeronautics in Florida. (Florida Today)

The FAA has released its
Quarterly Launch Report - 2nd Quarter 2005. Topic: "Non-Federal U.S. Spaceport Infrastructure and Investment."

For you space patent types, an invitation from NASA:
Government-Owned Inventions Available for Licensing. (I like the sound of the magnetic circuit for Hall effect plasma accelerator, or the improved emitter conductivity layer for solar cells. But take your pick.) (From Glenn Research Center, via SpaceRef)

And here’s Leonard David on
Space Tourism: Marketing to the Masses.

I don't have details but here's a blurb on China signing Galileo agreements with the EU.

Joanne Field at American Express Insurance Services has a few things to say about
space travel insurance.

And NASA isn't the only space agency that takes heat. This week, MP's blasted the UK's space programme. (Remember the Beagle 2?)

By the way, did you hear about those space spy suits? No, not lawsuits. (Reuters via ABC News)

Have a great weekend.

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