Friday Flybys (vol. 12 )

A mosh pit of items, as usual . . .

Spacehab issued a
press release yesterday announcing that Lloyds of London has agreed to drop its complaint against Spacehab and join with the company "in pursuit of its claims with NASA for reimbursement of loss for its Research Double Module in the STS-107 Space Shuttle Columbia accident."

* * *

Apollo astronaut Neil Armstrong may sue an Ohio barber who sold his hair for $3,000. (AP via MSNBC)

* * *

NASA Administrator Mike Griffin says the space agency has funding to implement Pres. Bush's vision for the moon and Mars. "You will find that NASA received as much in the last 16 years of its existence as in the first 16 . . . In my judgment, we can go to the moon. We can go to Mars. We can't do them quite as quickly as we did during Apollo, but we can do it."

* * *

The Probe says happy 30th anniversary to the
European Space Agency.

* * *

The Probe says happy 50th anniversary to Russia's
Baikonur Cosmodrome.

* * *

And finally, Sam Hughes presents his
Top Ten Ways to Destroy Earth (via Live Science, Space.com and wherever else. See also, Sam's archive). Yes, but are they legal?

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