"What the heck is space law?"

Glad they asked! (And what took 'em so long?) Well, for the benefit of everyone hanging out in blogspace today who would rather be at X Prize Cup (ahem), over at the Wall Street Journal's popular law blog (which is in fact called Law Blog), Prof. Henry Hertzfeld of the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University got to answer some basic questions and give a quickie lesson on space law.

Very quickie. Of course he could go on and on. Speaking of which, stay tuned to SLP for our upcoming features on cool space lawyers (and aren't they all?) which will include profiles, Q&A, photos and behind the scenes insights into this emerging 21st century legal speciality that's poised to leave terrestrial law practice in the Earthly dust. Watch. (You too, Law Blog. ;)

(Oh. And thanks for the nice plug, FutureSpaceLawyer. Good luck opening your practice on Mars. ;)

* * *
IMAGE: Rick Guidice, courtesy NASA.

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