Pentagon on ULA

The Pentagon presents its recommendations to the FTC today on United Launch Alliance, the proposed merger of the government launch businesses of Boeing and Lockheed. (Via Reuters)

What does DOD recommend? My sources in the Pentagon declined to discuss the position taken. That's because I have no sources in the Pentagon.

Ultimately, the FTC decides whether to allow the merger to go forward. (And as I've noted, pursuant to the joint venture agreement, either party may terminate the deal if it does not win government approval by March 31.)

* * *

UPDATE: Sun. 8:30AM (off yesterday, checking in...) Looks like on Friday Reuters updated with a report well-connected defense consultant Loren Thompson said the Pentagon is "conditionally recommending" approval of a merger and wants to "aggressively manage" the JV "to keep it from acting as a monopoly." No confirmation reported from the Pentagon or FTC.

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