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When's the next issue of the Journal of Space Law coming out? Some news from Prof. Joanne Irene Gabrynowicz, director of the National Remote Sensing and Space Law Center and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Space Law. The next hot issue of the esteemed space law publication will be "dedicated to the legal aspects of the Vision for Exploration and will be out later this year. So far, confirmed authors include Marcia Smith and Prof. Ram Jakhu. There will also be a case note on Space Exploration Technologies Corporation vs. Boeing and Lockheed."

Sounds super!

And yes, the Journal is coming to Westlaw and Lexis; stay tuned for announcements.

(Other items I can confirm: Joanne spoke in Saudi Arabia and wore a burka. I'm trying to get some photos. And yes, she was recently in her hometown, NYC, and did not call to meet me for cappuccino downtown. I overlook that sort of thing one time.)

Meanwhile, to subscribe to the Journal if you don't already, send an e-mail to jsl@olemiss.edu.

And here's the table of contents for current issue (Winter 2005) (and note the appearance of some SLP favorite writers, including Steve Mirmina at NASA and, of course, Prof. Glenn Reynolds of the University of Tennessee and blogspace):

University of Mississippi School of Law
A journal devoted to space law and the legal problems arising
out of human activities in outer space.

Volume 31 Winter 2005 Number 2


Joanne Irene Gabrynowicz

Call for Papers

Satellite Distribution in Meteorological Forecasts for Air Navigation
Ruwantissa Abeyratne

Chinese-Brazilian Protocol on Distribution of CBERS Products
Jose Monserrat Filho & Ãlvaro Fabri­cio dos Santos

Appended Protocol:
Complementary Protocol to the Framework Agreement Between the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil on Cooperation in the Peaceful Application of Outer Space Science and Technology on the Cooperation for the CBERS Application System

The Ballistic Missile Defense System and its Effects on the Outer Space Environment
Steven A. Mirmina

International Cooperation for Sustainable Space Development
Chukeat Noichim

Satellite Earth Observation as "Systematic Observation" in Multilateral Environmental Treaties
Masami Onoda

Space Law in its Second Half-Century
Glenn Harlan Reynolds

Report of the IISL Space Law Colloquium in Vancouver, Canada, October 2004
Patrick Salin, Macha Ejova, Ali Akbar Golrounia, Kenneth Weidaw, Martha Mejia (edited by Tanja Masson-Zwaan)

Practice Note
Preparing Written Briefs for International Law Competitions: A Primer
Stephen E. Doyle

Book Review
Making Space Happen: Private Space Ventures And The Visionaries Behind Them
By Paula Berinstein
Reviewed by Diane Howard

Case Developments and Recent Publications
Recent Space Law Cases and Publications
Keishunna Randall & Katrina Sandifer
- Law Review Articles
- Law Review Comments/Notes
- Books
- United States' Legislation
- United States Pending Cases
- Agreements

* * *

CORRECTION: Actually, it was not a burka, it was an abaya. And I'm working on Joanne for those hot glossies.

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