Friday Flybys (vol 19)

At the 7th-annual International Lunar Conference in Toronto, Jim Garvin talked about how Canada may help NASA in setting up a permanent, "Antarctic-like presence" on the moon.

Congress agrees on something: The House unanimously passed two resolutions to honor the Discovery crew (H.Res. 441) and women in space (H.Res. 450)!

Mark your space logs: the International Symposium on Personal Spaceflight takes place at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico on October 6, 2005.

Some good news for newSpace firms, bad news for cost-plus contractors. (SFF via SpaceRef)

Quick reply to an e-mail question today from G.K. in Ohio: the NASA Cassini-Huygens case is Hawaii County Green Party v. Clinton, 980 F Supp 1160 (D Hawaii 1997) (which NASA lawyer Steve Mirmina covered in his law article on nuclear power sources in space; see this Space Law Probe post.

Spies and storms: An article on the Defense Department's National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency watching Rita. (AP via Yahoo)

Speaking of DoD ... That bright, laser-like streak across the sky near Vandenberg Air Force Base on Thursday night? War of the worlds it was not.

More reasons to go to the moon: It's official, hurricanes are getting stronger, and, no, you can't modify hurricanes.

Not for bloggin' porkbusters only, here's the draw a pig personality test.

And throught it all, Miss Damaris blogs on: how i am becoming an astronaut. (Smartly, it's not "how i am becoming a space lawyer.")

Stay safe warm and dry.

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