Friday Flybys (vol. 6)

Shameless publicity stunt? Grand symbolic gesture? Sure. A copy of the European Union's constitution will be taking a trip to orbit. According to reports, the treaty, welcome in space although not yet ratified on Earth, will visit the International Space Station, carried by an Italian astronaut on the next Soyuz flight in April. The constitutional treaty must be ratified by November 2006 by all 25 EU member states to go into effect. Godspeed and rock the vote.

And just in time, Google Answers
meticulously calculates the cost of sending the EU constitution aloft. (Isn't this fun?)

Q&A on commercial space in
The Times of India includes big cheers for asset-based financing of space assets. (Link via Curmudgeons Corner.)

Need a break from law practice? No doubt inspired by the Bush-Putin summit this week, NASA has posted a
solicitation for translation and editing of key documents in Soviet space history. (Link via SpaceRef.) Say nostrovia to your clients and go for it.

Or, here's another option: I assume even lawyers are eligible to compete for the newly announced
prize in space journalism. To start things off, a tough panel of judges will include the prize's sponsor, Sam Dinkin, along with Jeff Foust and Clark Lindsay. (And if
you want to win over Clark straight away, write something about the human exodus from Africa, or the Polynesian colonization of the Pacific islands as metaphor for space colonization. Ah, the poetry of it all.)

And yes, I will have fries with that. Rocket Jones' gives me a wicked jones for some
space food recipes. Yummeroo.

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